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Mystery of the Abandoned Castle

Author Name: Samantha Manon | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details
Inspired by Kellie’s Castle, in Batu Gajah, Malaysian, Mystery of the Abandoned Castle, is the second book in the Speare Morgan series. While out searching for the Maingaya Malayana, a witch hazel plant that’s almost extinct, Speare Morgan, Irwan and his sister, Intan, stumble across an abandoned castle. Lost in time, everything within the rooms appear untouched and from a different era, its only occupants – Tabitha, a talking tabby cat, and Pascal, a ghost. According to Tabitha, ninety five years ago, in the midst of preparations for a wedding, they were hit by a storm. The storm not only left behind a trail of destruction, but all the people within the castle grounds had also disappeared, including its owner, John Galloway. Upon gaining consciousness. Pascal, who was involved in an accident as he returned in the storm, was shocked to discover that he was no longer human, but a ghost. Tabitha seeks their assistance to understand what had transpired here. She believes the castle is under an evil spell. As they begin to uncover clues left behind within the three paintings of John Galloway and decipher the message written in runes around the empty frame, Grand Uncle Dragalileo makes a startling discovery; Within days, on the anniversary of the disappearance, it might be possible for them to right the wrongs of the past but first they must understand the link between the castle and an old nemesis

Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners

Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners

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Samantha Manon

Samantha Manon was born on Dec 12th, in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. She studied in Convent HIJ, primary and secondary school in Seremban and later did her ‘A’ Levels. The Speare Morgan series is inspired by historical landmarks within Malaysia and her childhood memories of growing up in Seremban, during the 70’s and 80’s. Mystery of the Abandoned Castle is the second book in the Speare Morgan adventure series. She is also the author of two books on cross stitch. For more details on the Speare Morgan series, visit – www.samanthamanon68.wixsite.com/spearemorgan FB – www.facebook.com/spearemorganseries


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