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Naan Thernthedukkappattavala?

by Alice K Jose

Format: Paperback

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'Naan thernthedukkappattavala?' (Am I a Chosen One?) is an autobiography in Tamil - a bold and truthful presentation of a courageous woman's journey through life. Shy and timid during girlhood days, the writer found herself to be in 'wonderland' after attaining motherhood!

The writing is in stream-of-consciousness style, taking the reader through the labyrinth of the author's thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Mrs. Alice K. Jose had been teaching English for 33 years in schools and colleges in Coimbatore, Chennai, Salem and Mettur Dam of Tamil Nadu and in Bangalore. She had also served for 7 years as Principal of Higher / Senior Secondary schools in Chennai and Salem. An ardent admirer of Gandhiji, she had consciously promoted Gandhian principles among the student community. Mother of 2 sons and a daughter, Mrs. Jose lives now with her husband in Bangalore.



Naan Thernthedukkappattavala?





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