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Naked Wisdom of the Child

by Sarvesh Jain

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Naked Wisdom of the Child is the second book authored by Sarvesh Jain.

In this book you'll find 365 Quotations, 365 Meanings, and 365 Short Stories.

Even a single Quotation can change your life, imagine how far you can go with 365 Quotation.Keep it simple silly, every Quotation is followed by easy meaning.Stories are the best way to remember wisdom, enjoy with 365 Short Stories.#Do your bit, feel free to share..

This Book is all about experiences, experiences that make a boy, man. Experiences that turned into the formidable pages of the book. Some experience will be an admiration, some will be life lessons, some to think high, some to laugh with and some to cherish lifelong. This is not just another self-help, or motivational genre book, this piece of literature will heal the reader’s wound given by the great storytellers. This is purely what I’ve learned so far in my life, and what I can offer you to think.


India's youngest Philosopher Sarvesh Jain is a critically acclaimed author of The Journey of 101 Milestones, Naked Wisdom of the Child and The Awakening Wisdom of Life. He has entered the Limca Book of Records for 'First Autobiographical Quote-a-day book' and India Book of Records for 'Books on Most Quotations.' Sarvesh Jain has written more than 2400 Quotations making him probably the best Quotation Writer of the world. He is a columnist, blogger, corporate trainer, educator and a learner too. His writing includes three P’s: Philosophy, Psychology and Politics. His vision is to simplify the complexity of human psychology to refine the quality of life. In spite of having everything in life, his search for wisdom never ends. 

Connect with him at www.sarveshjain.com




Naked Wisdom of the Child





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