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Nerdy Journals From Idaho to Massachusetts

by Bernice E. Martin

Format: Paperback

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Clara Roberts is a twelve-year-old living in Idaho with her family.

What, with BFFs and FFBs and AFFBs in school, she never has a dull moment in her life!

Even the disruptions caused by her younger sister does not damper her ever-cheerful approach to everything.

In her idyllic life, there comes a situation that changes her life forever – move to Massachusetts.

Forget the onset of teenage, how does she deal with this sudden twist of fate?

Does she make the move with the same cheerfulness? What happens to her BFFs? Does she get new friends?

Nerdy Journals is a journey of adolescence, friendship and love.

Bernice Esther is a twelve-year-old girl who had found her interest in books as early as a class I student. It was during one of those interesting library periods that the quite reserved and observant little girl discovered her love for books. She began writing at a very young age and Nerdy Journals is her first book. Bernice is currently working on a sequel to Nerdy Journals – Clara Robert's life in Massachusetts.



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