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Nixie the Mermaid and The Power of Love

Author Name: Digangana Suryavanshi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

When two different worlds collided! A magical mermaid came to the human world for a task, to save her mermaid friend Yara but then never wished to leave the human world!

The magical world met the human world for a reason: to complete a task, and the task turned their lives forever! They struggled to live together but the pain of not belonging to the same world put them through a lot of difficulties. The responsibility of someone's life and commitments that can't be broken, the purity and passion to prove their love, the greater sacrifice made for survival together. They learned and lived and their legendary love is known forever!

Love between two people on the same globe but yet living apart in two completely different worlds!

When land and ocean met, the love story began!

This is the story about the biggest and the purest power in existence: Love. It can't be denied and it is immortal!

Together, Nixie and William proved THE POWER OF THEIR LOVE by cutting across different worlds!

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Digangana Suryavanshi

Digangana Suryavanshi was 16 when she wrote this novel. The first edition was released in 2013. Right now, she is 18. She is an actress, a singer and a writer. She lives in Mumbai, India. Right now, she is in first year B.A and is a very positive person. When asked how she manages singing, acting and writing all at the same time with her studies, Digangana said, "Well, I love art, singing and acting. Writing is my passion. It's no pressure for me. I think it has a beautiful correlation. Acting gives me a chance to experience different emotions that I've never been through and understand them, singing is meditation and fun energy and writing is the best way to put my thoughts, I write lyrics and about emotions that I've never been through. It may sound weird but I have a very strong feeling that there is no single age where an individual can perfectly understand emotions and write about it so I don't consider myself too young to write. Writing has no age limitation. I have an imaginary world, so writing fantasy is always fun. It takes me to an altogether different zone and of course all this is incredible!" She has worked in seven serials, she has also done reality shows and has also written a book of lyrics called "Waves: The Endless Emotions." Digangana released two Hindi Music Albums released when she was ten years old, and sang an English song that is also available on YouTube.

Nixie the Mermaid and the Power of Love is a franchise. Digangana is already working on the sequel.

You can connect with Digangana on:

Twitter: @DiganganaS