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Norman Pinglepop

by Jasmeet Chhabra

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

In our quest for purpose, we go through an arduous journey through a maze of familial, societal & cultural conditioning. Courage, valor, respect, obedience and a world of emotions that are then made a norm to follow as purpose of a good living, often find their dead end in fear & insecurity which are whip used to drive human subservience. Religion, cults, castes often demand obedience by instilling a sense of fear, garbing it in benevolent sweet talk they call selfless love while driving selfish agenda's all the time.

Norman Pinglepop is an attempt to lay bear the sinister designs of an ambitious few who succeed in exploiting the frailties of the collective will laid weaker through generations of conditioning & servitude.



Norman Pinglepop



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