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Nurses’ guide to the Updated OET 2.0 Speaking and Writing modules

by Gurleen Khaira

Format: Paperback

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If you are looking for a reliable study guide to prepare for the Updated OET, your search is over. In her new book, Gurleen Khaira provides detailed guidance on changes to the speaking sub-test from September 2018. This book will give you the essentials you need to score an A/B grade on the OET speaking and writing modules including the most effective strategies, extensive practice, and precise description of how the modules are scored.

This book includes:

  •         15 full-length speaking role plays with answer expectations.
  •          Speaking skill lessons to maximise your score in the updated speaking sub-test.
  •         19 writing tasks with answer expectations. 
  •          Review of essential concepts, including vocabulary.
  •         A detailed overview of the updated speaking assessment criterion and writing assessment criterion along with advice to improve your grade.
  •           Effective strategies to optimise your study time.

Gurleen Khaira is a nationally-acclaimed OET trainer, entrepreneur, and career counsellor. She has a post-graduate qualification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and her purpose and passion lies in helping students with their English language skills. She has received four national awards for her work in the education sector and has been featured in national publications on numerous occasions.

She is the OET-course leader at Khaira Education, India’s first Premium Preparation Provider for OET training. To date, she has helped hundreds of health professionals in passing the OET with an A/B on their first attempt. She has been involved with soft-skills and English language training since 2013, following her return to India from Australia where she attended the University of Melbourne.

This is her second book after her first book, OET Speaking and Writing Made Easy for Nurses.



Nurses’ guide to the Updated OET 2.0





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