Obsessions... Love... Vices... Life

by Vivek Tiwary

ISBN 9789384049133

Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

A gifted individual, Vijay Trivedi is the blessed son of God. A dare devil police officer with a highly successful and decorated career in the Indian Police Service; he has a beautiful family consisting of his IAS wife & an adorable daughter. The world thinks he has everything going right for him in life. Or so it appears!

Behind the successful facade visible to the world, is a deeply wounded man fighting hard for survival. Survival that looks improbable as he needs to win numerous battles going on simultaneously on multiple fronts - both internal as well as external. Unknown yet powerful political and bureaucratic enemies are out there to finish him, his own love has turned against him and is leaving no stone unturned to chop his peace to pieces, the demons inside his obsessed mind are rapidly driving him towards insanity and the karma of his colorful and checkered past has come back to haunt him. Combined together, all these dangerous adversaries are sucking him down into a dark endless abyss which doesn’t seem to have an exit.

Will Vijay manage to survive their combined onslaught or the inimical forces would vanquish and pulverize him forever? Will he manage to get back his love? Can he conquer the demons inside his mind and find peace? Will he be able to put his derailed life back on track?

About the Author

Vivek Tiwary works for a multinational firm in Gurgaon. Before switching over to the corporate world in 2008; as a Group ‘A’ officer from the 1994 batch of Indian Civil Services, he served for 13 years in a Police Organization (CISF) handling assignments in various parts of the country.

Besides writing, Vivek’s hobbies include reading, singing, travelling, cricket and photography.

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