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Author Name: Roy Ashutosh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Author {Post Graduate in Philosophy (M.A. - Previous), living in Spain since 1995 Known as Roy Ashutosh, a great lover of television and radio broadcasting, since childhood he prefers traveling and listening to elders instead of playing with children, more interested in all things classic}’s only desire is to achieve Yatra Siddhi. He brings us introspection and reflection through his experiences offering us a new way to tackle one of humanity's greatest challenges, achieving peace and harmony on our planet and solving core problems such as the role of capitalism and the origins of inequality in the world. He takes us on a journey with a global vision and an open heart to remind us that the true religion is humanity and love and compassion towards our fellow human beings is the only motherland and all this through a very multifaceted look at the country India. Through these pages, he invites us to join him on a journey towards world peace, where each step brings us a little closer to the desired ideal of harmony among all the inhabitants of our beloved planet Earth. His philosophy is: “I am a citizen of the world, where my feet touch the earth’s surface, that is my land, my country and the people around me are my compatriots”. And his religion is nothing but “Humanity”.

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Roy Ashutosh

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Roy Ashutosh (