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Omniscience Holistic Healing Get Rid of Autoimmune Disease, Heart Attack and Cancer. Literally Cure Anything Naturally

Author Name: Kashish Aggarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

All the elements have been covered step by step to maintain the best health possible for a lifetime by becoming a self-healer rather than falling prey to the futile health industry.

The body's secret lies in the evolutionary process. We are homo sapiens from the last 90 thousand years, but only ten thousand years back we were able to know our history. Here, we altered our diet and started cooking our foods which is the main cause of the body's decline. Through intermediate fasting, raw diets menu plans, digestive aids and avoiding food toxins, the body can be healthy.

Mind is one of the most powerful tools available. When we affirm our sickness, our mind projects 70 thoughts per minute and many of them are negative. How to detect and dispose of them is explained in this book.

We are not made of matters but an energy matrix. Everything is pure energy, from Wi-Fi signals to electrical appliances and mobile towers. How all these negative energies impact one's health and how to create positive energies from saltwater baths, energy healings, grounding, sun-basking, etc. are mentioned in this book.

We are a part of this ecosystem and are there to help in its contribution rather than destroy it for our greed. Through gaining one’s knowledge and working for the well-being of our family, society and mother earth at large, we can gain our health back. Tools to incorporate them are written in this book.

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Kashish Aggarwal

This book is about Kashish Aggarwal's journey in pursuit of good health. After failing to get any desired results from allopathic drugs, the author embarked on self-discovery which led him to read, watch and attend hundreds of books, videos and seminars. The outcome was the realization that health can be gained by a holistic approach that covers the

·         body,

·         mind,

·         energies that surround us,

·         spirituality