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One at a Time A Poetic Journey into the Unconscious Mind

Author Name: Ishan Khurana | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

In Ishan Khurana’s debut poetry book, One at a Time, the author takes readers through the various stages of his life as he bares his soul through his words. The collection is made up of 25 poems that touch on the author's personal beliefs, abstract concepts, and delve on themes such as the three stages of being: birth, life and death.

While the collection is autobiographical in nature, the author invites readers to engage in dialogue with the concepts brought forth, and to reflect on what the collection means to them personally. Through his works, the author also hopes to help readers become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, so that they can better understand their inner self.

The book's cover artwork is by the author. The 25 chambers of the Nautilus shell refer to the 25 poems within the collection. The center of the shell has three crescent moons that represent the three stages of being. The abstract background behind the shell depicts a blend of beautiful colours of the sky. 

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Ishan Khurana

Ishan Khurana is a music enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and an avid traveler having lived in different countries including the Netherlands, the United States, Ireland and France. He has been writing stories, skits and poetry since the age of 11, and wrote the first poem of this collection in fall 2017.