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P.S. Be My Angel

by Baman Tadiwala

Format: Paperback

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Bhavam Sharma, an engineering student, is trying to move on in his life after a break-up which occurred four years ago with his girlfriend, Preksha. He's deeply heartbroken, and slowly starts becoming isolated from people around him.

His only friend during these tough days is GOD. He communicates with him daily, every minute, every second, but even GOD doesn't care to reply to him. However, one day, nature is kind enough to gift him the girl who cares and respects his feelings. Everything goes well, but suddenly, one day, destiny applies the brakes in his life. Bhavam is again left alone.

Will he quit? Or will he fight for his love?

Will GOD finally have a reply for him?

Or will he again go back into the darkness of his sorrows?

P.S. BE MY ANGEL is a simple love story, which shall again revive the feeling of love and trust, faith within you.

Being frustrated with his bad luck and continuous failures, Baman had second thoughts of giving up. One day on a bridge, he sees a vendor, selling the quotations of Swami Vivekananda. His eyes get fixed to one quote - 'STRENGTH IS LIFE, WEAKNESS IS DEATH.'

Later on Baman decided to give himself one more opportunity to prove to the world that his life isn't over yet. He again gets socially connected, makes new friends, who inspire him, due to which he starts writing a book. His aim in writing this book is to make people believe in love again, even if they are heartbroken due to previous unsuccessful relationships.




P.S. Be My Angel





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