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Paramaanna Prapancha

by Veena Bhat

Format: Hardcover

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The meaning of the word Paramaanna Prapancha is very pious & pure. 'Param' means Supreme and 'Anna' means food, 'Prapancha' means the Universe or world. In this 'Pra' means blossom and expanse, of the five basic elements as well as life principles. So this name showcases the classic or supreme foods from all over the world’s cuisine. Food is always treated as power of God. It gives Peace to our Soul, Energy to our Body and Prosperity in our Life. During my travels through many continents & countries, I’ve seen people eat a variety of food but many amongst these were common across all these places, such as boiled fresh corn and boiled peanuts, plain bread from wheat etc. When Mother Earth does not make any distinction amongst us and has given us her best food, then why should we. This thought process has inspired me to write and present some of the best dishes from all over the world in this book.

Veena Bhat belongs to southern part of Karnataka viz South Canara Dist. This part is very famous for its food culture known as Udupi food.


Her first book, "Seven Wonders in My Spice Box" has been recognized by the Spices Board of India under the Ministry of Commerce and Export. The cookbook has been awarded as the best Women Chef Cookbook in the World.


The motivation behind her secon book is my overwhelming desire to help the younger generation, especially, those who take a passionate interest in cooking and their professional lives. As an entrepreneur and a home maker, she has experienced a great deal of success in effectively managing both my home and my career, without affecting each other and hence wanted to help those who are similarly trying to strike a balance between the two.



Paramaanna Prapancha





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