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People with a Difference 107 Anecdotal Stories to Tickle Your Mood

by Shamsher Kendal

Format: Paperback

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The book 'People with a Difference' contains anecdotal stories that comprises realistic situations experienced and observed by the author himself. It is an authorship of anecdotal stories about such people around us, in our villages, in our towns who are quoted and mentioned due to their uniqueness, due to their special styles, due to their things done beyond rut, different from the bitten way. It is certainly not about the personalities known nationally and internationally but it is about people who lived more than common lives and hold their position in general conversations, and these things make them special. The author has highlighted such people who have said or done something unconventionally but wonderfully. Each story narrates something special and ends with a note of humour and sometimes leading to hilarity. The book would certainly tickle your mood to enchantment and freshness.

The author, Shamsher Kendal is a horticulturist by avocation. As a horticulturist sees the growing plants keenly, here he observes people with a peculiar glance and extracts something interesting from everyone and everything. He doesn't consider that only widely known persons are unique and different but a common man, a layman and even a down to earth guy carries things which are so special, there exist numerous people around everyone worth highlighting. In a specific region people quote them, talk about their doings, their habits, their lifestyles and due to such personalities people get sufficient amusement and percepts. The author has taught English literature for twenty years. Besides he has studied law and journalism at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana. The author has studied George Orwell deeply and is highly impressed by the great writer.



People with a Difference





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