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Periphery of the Heart A Collection of Poetry

by Arunangshu Paul

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The reasons to live are many and so are the reasons to love someone. What happens when somebody experiences the emptiness of time and discovers that the self within is not something monolithic or one dimensional? It results in a combination of different persona that coalesces into a big bubble. The burden of such myths of love and relationship takes us onto the journey of the unknown along the periphery of our hearts.

In the end, how much do we know ourselves?

Arunangshu Paul has been living, in his own words, a mundane nine to seven existence for a major part of his life as a small cog in the big wheel of financial markets. The creative side of his persona is, at the same time, restorative and cathartic for him. Writing poetry and stories has been his hobby since a very young age. He is an active social-media commentator and blogger. This is his first attempt to bring forth his feelings and emotions through a collection of poetry. The author believes in the transient nature of life and this encourages him to explore the relations that bind us with each other.


Periphery of the Heart





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