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PERSONALITY Live Life Fully And Spiritually

Author Name: Bal Krishna Panday | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Georgiana Guica – Graduate student of Montreal

I really enjoyed it. I found it was a nice and complete introduction to a world yet to be discovered, but there was something unsnobbish or caring or patient in his way of writing that made me continue to read it.

Vanita Gauba, Manager – Program Management (I.T.)

I am fortunate to receive some rare-found knowledge from his latest “work of art” – “PERSONALITY – A PICK-ME-UP GUIDE”. It is, in true sense, an uplifting experience to read this book since he has deeply deliberated upon various personality traits in such an artistic manner that reflects his unmatched understanding of the subject along with an out-of-the-world expression of his thoughts in words and pictures without being verbose anywhere, that keeps the reader glued to it till the end. After reading this book twice, I feel every sentence of this book is filled with very deep meaning that is spiritual yet practical and every chapter of this book can be blown into a complete book, if not many.

Air Vice Marshal (Rtd.)

(Decorated in war, decorated in peace), renowned Author.

If you wish to understand the meaning of life, its purpose and aim then you need to understand the meanings of knowledge, anubhava (experience), mind, resolve, ego, nothingness, karma. Love etc. as expounded in the book.

This book opens the doors of these words to enable you to walk on the road of spirituality which may lead you towards ‘reality’, the fundamental basis of existence.Readers who are fond of thinking would benefit more from this book as the author forces the reader to think.


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Bal Krishna Panday

Balkrishna Panday, born in Kanpur, UP (India) in 1932, did his schooling at Lahore in pre-partition Punjab. He graduated in Science from Punjab University and did his Masters in Sociology from Christ Church College, Kanpur (1954) and qualified for MBA from Delhi University in the early 1960s. As a Senior Manager with renowned industrial houses, he travelled widely in India and abroad. He is a consistent practitioner of social service (KARMA) and Spirituality (Meditation).