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Phoenix Of My Heart A collection of poems

by Mosiur Rehman

Format: Paperback

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This book is a collection of poetry of various themes like love, betrayal, hatred, praise, sadness, laughter, patriotism, lamentation and so on. It will serve all poetry lovers with different reading tastes.

“Love poems will teach you how to love. Being betrayed ever, you would go through the poems with ‘betrayal’ themes. Then you will lament, reading the poems with themes of ‘lamentation’. After that, you will learn to live. And in between all these, some poems will give you rest and deviate your mind so that you can make a new beginning with enriched vigour”

Mosiur Rehman is a modern day Indian poet who writes in all genres. He has been writing when he was in 3rd standard.He has completed his schooling from Contai Public School and is still a student, pursuing his Under-graduation course in English Literature in Ravenshaw University, Cuttack,Odisha. His hobbies are writing poems, singing songs, travelling and so on. Presenlty he is working on a drama.



Phoenix Of My Heart





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