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Author Name: Gautam Kulkarni | Format: Paperback | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

If you thought that photography was all about good composition, good lighting or an interesting subject, think again! Photography is an intimate art that involves an exchange of energy between the person(s) being photographed and the person holding the camera. It is a story of two or more souls coming together to create a story, an imprint in time, freezing their emotions for eternity.

Whether you are a smartphone photographer or a professional photographer, picture for a picture promises to change the way you photograph forever, both on an artistic and a spiritual level.

Experience a beautiful new way to take (and give) photographs and see how this sublime art form can create connections with the rest of your human family in a much deeper and more meaningful way than you ever imagined.

Paperback 1980

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Gautam Kulkarni

Born and brought up in the glittering city of Dubai, the author took every opportunity he got to explore the less developed areas of Asia, South America and Africa, trying as much as possible to travel and live like a local. Always happier travelling on anything with two wheels, be it a motorbike or a cycle, connecting with people across our planet has always been a passion of the author.

Ever since he started this concept, it has been his aim to get more photographers to experience the joy of giving as opposed to only ‘taking’ photographs.

The author also self-finances several non-profit ventures in education and healthcare through the Kara Foundation.