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Planet 7765 The Basic REALITY !

Author Name: Bhism Narayan Yadav | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This is the story of Max a lazy boy who asks a lot of questions and the most important one is "WHY?".

The definition of righteousness depends upon the country, time, profession, etc. If humans will think before they talk or communicate they will not hurt another human. The best way is to speak less and communicate only what is necessary. But what to talk about and what is right? 

Love is an intangible asset that has a fluctuating Goodwill sometimes negotiable too.

This book has five chapters related to the meaning of Love, Relationships, happiness and sadness, and hope. People who have lots of money are not suggested to read this book as they will not find this book useful. People who want to know the value of money are suggested to read this book.

© "Planet 7765" is a work of fiction by Bhism Narayan Yadav. Names, Characters, Businesses, Events, and Incidents are the Products of the Author’s Imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. | © Copyright © 2022 “Planet 7765” © All Rights Reserved . Bhism Narayan Yadav

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Bhism Narayan Yadav

Bhism Yadav was born in a Middle-Class Family. He was always curious to know the answer to the questions regarding the Basic Reality of the Things around him. He gives priority to the most expensive or invaluable thing in this world and that is education, but what is the meaning of education? what is being educated? Except for time, what is the other most important thing in this universe? Time is constant and related to everything and if time just goes on and on what is the most important thing to invest your time in?

He is a Computer Graduate, owns a small business, and sometimes writes fiction stories to entertain along with education. He gives priority to self-questioning as he believes not doing something that is incorrect and listening more than talking because according to him the answer to the questions related to happiness and sadness is related to the knowledge of the cause of the events. 

Thank You.