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Poori Batter  A Case for Anna Bates

by Pooja Hariharan

Format: Paperback

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Annaporani Bhatt is all set to chase after her dream of becoming a detective.

With her two friends Shyam and Nikita, Poorani, as she is known, dabbles with all the going-ons around her, even as she indulges in her strange interest – eating the dough meant to make pooris!

Something happens at school, and the detective in Poorani must come out to help her friends and her crush find a lost record.

Does Poorani find it? Read on to know!

Pooja Hariharan has always been a dreamer, with her head happily in cloud 9, even before she began writing. When she was twelve, she realized that she could write more than just rhyming sentences. Ever since, she has been following her passion, and has progressed from writing short stories and poems under her desk during school hours, to writing a full blown novel during her vacation. Now, at eighteen, Pooja is pursuing her B.A. English Literature degree, with hopes of becoming a primary school teacher and changing the world, one little mind at a time.



Poori Batter





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