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Potholed Roads and we are on our way

by Clifton D'Souza

Format: Paperback

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The new Government is in place now. Our dream is still to be a 'well-developed' nation by 2020. Are these only the dreams and visions of a few individuals and leaders? Are we on our way to that glory? Are we destined to be a Superpower? If not, then what is holding us back? What are the sticking points? Where can we bring out the change? Where do the problems lie? Are we the problem? Or are we the solution? Only time will tell. However, if we don't take action, it will be too late. It is the duty of every individual to contribute not only for his welfare, but also for the Nation today and for our Children tomorrow. If we keep ourselves oblivious to the situation of our country today then we can't complain. Because the road we walk on tomorrow is the road we helped build today.

Clifton D'souza is a Commerce Graduate from the University of Mumbai. Like any individual, his life has been one new experience after another, seeing the world through the eye of a youth, an employee, a son, a husband, a father. Making a difference in his own life and in the lives of others is his modest desire. Towards the end of one's life, to look back is to read the book of one's own life. According to the Author, everyone writes the book of his or her own life and when an individual looks back, he would like them to look at it and wonder, and be amazed that the book he wrote and the life he lived was worth it and not thrown away.



Potholed Roads





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