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Precious Smile

by Arpit Gulati

Format: Paperback

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Friend, best friend, closest friend, care, love and Relationship that’s what a life is for everyone.
People think that this is the only life and their happy world. But another world of love is totally different.
The world starts with gf/bf and ends with them.

“Love on Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, first Voice chat,and finally a single meet ”.
Someone very special, someone very close, someone’s smile trembles in ears all time, someone’s eyes shows twinkling light. I call them a princess, an angel or a true lover.
My book will show you a beautiful route of love, care, friendship and relationship.

This is what a couple think when they fall in love truly."You are the one whom I love the most. You are the one whom I wants the treasure whole life. You are gem for me, a life for me. You are that someone special whom I wants to cherish all my life."

Loads of Love

I love being a brainless human, I love being a creative, I love doing random things, I love making everyone smile. I dont consider myself a writer or a poet. Its just a way to make everyone happy. I am a passionate writer since I was 15yrs old . I love reading other's mind and writing on how they feel. I dont usualy write for myself. I write for people who wish to dedicate poems to their loved ones. I make their way easy to climb romantic stairs.

I am not a professional writer that I could be someone's inspiration by writing and not even a powerful writer that I can change someone's life. Yes, I can bring happiness and love in your life. Can show you a route of love.

Same way I try to convert my love from writing into pictures. Thats what my profession is. I love to create memories though photography.
Keep smiling, keep loving, stay blessed.



Precious Smile





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