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Price of a Pillow

Author Name: Sujay Sarma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Life is seldom as straightforward and mundane as we are taught to expect it to be. Good and bad turn out to be the same grey shades of white and black. Our actions hardly ever making sense to anyone else, including those that spend their entire lives keeping pace with us, but ourselves.

This story, the Price of a Pillow, follows the journey of a girl in her teens at the start of the tale. As she navigates the ‘big bad world’. It is hard to judge her actions. It is hard to emphathise with her. But, somewhere, sometime, we have all been guilty of similar events and actions. Or can you?

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Sujay Sarma

Sujay is a versatile author, having previously written hundreds of well-received pieces for magazines such as PC Quest (an Indian IT magazine), as well as various industry blogs over time. He found his calling as an IT/geek in the late 1990s, going on to setting up and running his own businesses and working at some of the pioneering software houses out there. Over a lifetime spanning four decades, his words, actions and work have influenced and impacted over a million people.

As a writer, groomed by his enigmatic former boss and editor, he writes in very simple English. He uses a conversational style to narrate his stories. No matter if the subject at hand is fiction, biographical or serious, Sujay uses a story-telling style to talk about it. His stories are relatable and find context in any age and time.

Sujay married and lives in India, preferring to be either in New Delhi or Hyderabad as his two homes. He loves to travel, meet, and talk to new people, and tell their stories.