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Prudent Punches

by Vineet Mohunta

Format: Hardbound

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About the Book

Are the little things in life getting you down?

Are you unsure of your direction in life?

Are you looking for something that energises your thought processes?

Then this little book of verse is just for you.

Each four-line verse comes enriched with the poet's perspectives and experiences in life and is thought-provoking yet simple. Each verse also comes with its own little 'pill' – an essence or an encapsulation of the thought that drove the verse.

Pick this book up, read a verse a day, and see your perspective of life go positive!

A keen observer, Vineet began his journey of self-discovery from adolescence. Being a sensitive and analytical person he closely tracked the nuances of life, started assimilating them and converting them beautifully into poetry. "We pass our wealth on to the generation next, but they learn the lessons of life with their own perceptions. If wisdom is given at the right time, it may save them from many unwanted experiences and scars." With this philosophy at the core of his writing, Vineet started penning down his thoughts and thus began his journey as a poet.


Prudent Punches





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