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Pursuit of Law and Order

by A P Durai

Format: Paperback

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This book is an unusual, bold and frank autobiography of A.P. Durai, a seasoned officer of the Indian Police Service, well known for his integrity, professionalism and courage to stand up to the consequent challenges and persecution. His independent and value - oriented approach to his work brought, in its wake, opposition from within the department and, inevitably, the politicians. How he mastered these challenges with faith and courage, and utilized them as opportunities to develop himself into an effective, creative and innovative police leader is the theme of the book. Midway through his career, he discovered that bringing about ‘law and order’ within oneself was a prerequisite for one’s role as a police officer. His pursuit of this inner search and training under a Spiritual Master had a significant impact on his professional values and performance.

Sprinkled with tales of his struggles with politicians and jealous colleagues, and of frequent transfers and humiliations, this autobiography announces the triumph of the human spirit imbued with the ideals of public service and professionalism. The book, therefore, would be a source of inspiration to all public servants involved in the governance of the country. One cannot but miss the note of caution to scheming politicians, ambitious police officers and bureaucrats that the pay back awaits them in the shape of Karmic consequences.

As Durai raced through the positions he held in Karnataka police, in Indian Oil Corporation, as Director of the SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad, and as Director General of Police of Karnataka and finally, as Director General, Railway Protection Force, New Delhi, he left behind him many reforms and a new spirit of optimism and public service in the forces that he commanded.

Shri Durai’s strong commitment to values in public life, and his willingness to cheerfully pay the price for them, send out the ringing message that the honest man has nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


Pursuit of Law and Order





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