Race for Space How to increase the size of your incentive cheque in retail sales

by Ajay Kr Bhootra


Type : Paperback


Summary of the Book

Do you feel stuck while dealing with your customers? Are you using the right tools and techniques for sales? Is your effort good enough to bring adequate rewards for you? In Race for Space coach Ajay Kr Bhootra talks straight about why you slip and lose control over your customers and how to get back in the driver’s seat.

  • How can you release the brakes and keep your first step when you approach your customer?
  • What master plan you can devise to achieve great success in sales?
  • Who all influence the decision making while making a purchase?
  • How can you find a place in your customer’s mind and heart?
  • How can your own experience add to your own skills?

Your attitude is the key, but only if you are passionate about it. If you are a performer and if you want to improve, this book is for you.

About the Author

Ajay is a versatile and passionate author. He has had an illustrious and successful professional career in the eye care and eye wear retail industry spanning over twenty five years.He started working on his literary works in 1997. His first book was published in 2002 and today he has eight books after his name. All his books are well appreciated. Most of his works belong to the eye care and eye wear retail industry. Students use them as resource material and experienced professionals use them for references. Besides writing, corporate retail coaching is his forte. He has gained a lot of experience in identifying the need for training, developing relevant contents, delivering in a manner that brings in change in performance. The other expertise that he possesses in retail industry knows no limit – extending to all areas of retail business from selling to administration, planning and strategizing at organizational level, setting up processes and systems that foster organizational growth, designing policies and guidelines, motivating and leading employees by setting up tough standards, designing and implementing performance management systems for the employeesto improve the overall effectiveness of a business organization.

A man capable of turning his mind to anything and everything, you may find him at www.specsguru.co.in

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