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Rainbow A bunch of poems

by Shraddha Gupta

Format: Paperback

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You all have seen a rainbow in a clear blue sky. Its colours make us feel how colourful life itself is. The vastness and variety in it, gives a different attitude to it. Sometimes we feel it essential to give an expression to all these things. When it is done in the form of poetry, it becomes an extraordinary manner of pouring the innermost out.

‘Rainbow – Hues of Life’ is the expression of it. Those who have a poetic bent of mind will get a great feast for their appetite for poetry.

Shraddha Gupta has always lived in Kota, Rajasthan, the educational city of India. After that, she settled in Bhawanimandi, Rajasthan with her husband. She has done M.A. (English) from Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer in 2001 and then completed MBA (HR) from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune in 2003. She has also done B. Ed in 2006 from University of Kota, Kota. Later, in 2012, she did an Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing (ADCW) in English from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune. At present she is running a Coaching Institute for English Literature i.e. Phalodi English Coaching Classes. She has been teaching for the past 15 years. The favourite pastime of the author is to study and write. This book is a gateway for this purpose for the author.

She is a person who snatches time out for her development as a more aware, active and updated being. Her whole endeavour is to make herself be able to gain more and more knowledge. She finds time for her other artistic inclinations like paintings and some craft works.

Her golden belief is – “It’s your will that makes you cross the hurdles of life to make the difference”.








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