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Reinventing Indian Democracy : A Vision for Second Republic (Paperback) A Vision for Second Republic


Format: Paperback

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Reinventing Indian Democracy deals with some fundamental questions that agitate the mind of the common man and has engaged attention of all in recent times. It develops a vision for political reforms with a host of ideas and solutions which can infuse our political institutions with energy and enable widespread equity and rapid economic growth, with the objective of India becoming an economic superpower.

If the ideas in this book are put into practice, India’s many Jurassic age leaders will give way to new blood, and political parties who swear by democracy but run their politics on the strength of family and feudal ties will perforce have to change their ways. The author brings well researched examples and parallels from other countries such as UK, the USA, Germany, Canada and France to bring a fresh perspective and evolve solutions to many of our perpetual problems such as politicians continuing without any term limits, whether prime minister should be only from Lok Sabha, re-organisation of states, offices without accountability, high level of political corruption, and a deviant political culture in which elected representatives see themselves as rulers rather than servants of the people.

The book moots the idea of a Second Indian Republic, on the hope that the changes suggested here have the potential to reshape the polity of the country through evolution of liberal and inclusive political institutions and devolution of power to the people to command their own lives.


Prabhat Kumar is a lawyer and consultant running his own independent practice. He did his B.Tech, M.Tech (Management and Systems), and Ph.D., from IIT Delhi; LL.B., from Delhi University and LL.M. from Singapore. He has also specialized in the area of E-Governance and co-authored a book titled ‘Government Online’ (published by Tata McGraw-Hill Company Ltd). He has authored over 70 articles published in leading newspapers and journals including The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Hindu-Business Line, HT Tech4U, Gift Journal, on diverse topics relating to development, trade, foreign investment, technology, intellectual property law, cyber law etc. (visit www.prabhatkumar.com). He started an NGO for systems reforms with the objective of India becoming a superpower. He has also been a speaker at many conferences and delivered lectures at various institutes, on the subjects of management, law, business and governance reforms.



Reinventing Indian Democracy : A Vision for Second Republic (Paperback)





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