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Relearning Parenting Nurturing Yourself for Stress Free Parenting

Author Name: Sucheta S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Today, we are democratic parent and we love and care for our children. But unknowingly we make so many blunders that affect our child’s whole life. How you are as a parent will be decided by how you were parented.

The focus of parenting is the child, and yet nobody talks about the other two generations involved in this process–you and your parents. This book suggests ways to introspect your parenting skills. It informs you about the effect of unconscious parenting and provides solutions. It suggests doable techniques to becoming a conscious parent by letting go of control of your child to make him/her self-motivated and taking responsibility for his/her life. At the same time, it presents innovative methods to guide children to embrace their authenticity and choose their path.

Parenting is all about loving yourself first and being free by setting healthy boundaries in your relationships.

This book suggests methods to resolve your childhood issues and realise your potential, thus enabling your child to achieve his/her potential. Though many children have the potential they lack the will and confidence to realise their dreams This book will give you tips to help your child protect him/herself from these negative influences. Through my experiences of growth from unconscious parenting to conscious parenting, this book is a guide to being a better parent.

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Sucheta S

Sucheta S is a passionate author, creator of online coaching program to nurture conscious parents, wannabe entrepreneur and the founder of “PARENTS R US” and “SUCHETAS HUB”, an organisations that enables her to connect and share her life lessons. She is a content creator. Her love for teaching saw her employed at a college for over three decades in different capacities from supervisor to lecturer. She graduated at the top of her Master’s in Education class from the University of Mumbai. She is the recipient of the Best Teacher award. She has taken a leap of faith by devoting her time to a cause near her heart–making parenting a stress-free activity. She has established a SUCHETAS HUB to nurture the parents to transform as a conscious parent.

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