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Renewal Your Unexpected Role in Saving the Planet (2nd Edition)

Author Name: Sandeep Nath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Is the human race conclusively set for self-annihilation? As futurists prophesize, are we only decades away from extinguishing the planet? Or are we capable of changing this trajectory because of what YOU start today?

Renewal is about how each one of us can:

Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level
Renew our society and our environment and
Renew the systems we operate with
As of 2020, Renewal is critical, because it is our laxity that has led to the current state of rising personal illness, mindless lifestyles, social degeneration, environmental degradation, and overall moral decay.

Written to serve as a practical guide for everyone’s day-to-day ‘karma,’ Renewal is set in the lives of a modern-day family. It is strung together by the charismatic Guru Pranachandra, whose discourse drives home the vital message: that the world is a mere 30 habits away from Renewal.

Adopters of these habits will be the future Renewalists, who could well outnumber the Vegans, Buddhists, Technologists and Catholics in times to come. And it is these Renewalists who hold the key to save the world from annihilation.

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Sandeep Nath

Sandeep Nath, an IIT-IIM alumnus, is an International Speaker and Coach on Transforming Consciousness using one’s Inner Power. He is also an Energy Master, Mindfulness Trainer, Tibetan Buddhist, Columnist, and Blogger. As a Coach, he has conducted live workshops across 4 continents.

In spite of more than two decades of directing and setting up successful ventures in the corporate world, Sandeep felt an increasing sense of hollowness and lack of existential clarity among people in general. Extensive studies under oriental masters of lineages from India, Tibet, China, and Japan connected him with the energies of higher consciousness and purpose. And sharing these with the world at large became the aim of this book.

This book has its roots in Arrive At Success, his first book, which spelled out the formula for success, outlining 3 areas of Oneness: with Nature; Empowerment and Wealth, abbreviated to N-E-W. RE-N-E-W-AL takes a much deeper dive, with a practical orientation that urges us to renew our habits, for sweet survival.

Sandeep lives in India in Delhi. He also lives online at and invites readers to connect with him to make their own stories of Renewal outstanding successes.