Restless Days, Sleepless Nights

by Ranjana Bharij


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

RESTLESS DAYS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is the story of a woman, in the early 1970’s, who sets out to pursue a career in a public sector bank, an all-male bastion.A must read for every working woman and all the perceptive men who have female colleagues in the work place.

About the Author

Ranjana Bharij loves to calls herself a true Indian. Her father hailed from Uttar Pradesh, mother from Rajasthan and her husband is from Punjab. She has travelled widely across the country as well as internationally first due to her father’s transferable job and later because of the high mobility in her own job.

An alumnus of Lucknow University, she taught Political Science in a Delhi University College for over a year before joining a public sector bank; she retired from there as General Manager in 2009 after devoting thirty eight years of her life to the service at the bank.

A champion of women’s cause, gender-equality is very dear to her heart. In her own words, neither her parents nor her husband ever let her feel that a woman is inferior to man in any manner. Naturally, any reference to her gender as a weaker sex in the organisational context agitated her to no end.

Currently, she lives in New Delhi with her husband Shiv while her two sons Rahul and Sidharth have settled in Canada and USA respectively.

Restless Days, Sleepless Nights is her debut book.

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