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Revelation of Reality

by Dinesh C. Bhargava

Format: Paperback

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The book seeks to bring out the underlying relationship between physical reality and the Ultimate Reality. It describes man’s quest for Reality and how It reveals itself through:

a) spiritual evolution, including ancient Seers who have passed down through the ages what they had seen and heard in a subtler dimension while engaged in their austere spiritual practices;

b) the wonders of Creation to those who go beyond mere appreciation of nature’s beauty; it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see;

c) a succession of Saints and Holy Men, whose clear demonstration of Divine qualities reveals a higher Reality;

d) modern science’s discovery of a new physical reality that points to the existence of an Ultimate Reality; ironically, the same science that once denied God is now strengthening mankind's belief in a 'Supreme Being’;

e) the role of Consciousness in creating physical reality. Man is realizing that Consciousness is the unchanging basis of this ever changing Universe.

Science is changing western thinking to converge with the revelations of the ancient Seers. Consciousness is therefore no longer associated with the human mind but with Divinity. From here on, Nature, Man and God all seem to converge.

As a small child, the author was sent by his parents to an American-European Seventh-Day Adventist boarding school in the Himalayan foothills. The school was situated in a secluded area, on a mountain slope rising to 8000 feet. Cut off from the outside world, he grew up in the forest-clad hills amidst sylvan surroundings, which developed in him a lifelong love for Nature, preparing him to later comprehend the revelation in Creation.

The school had no auxiliary staff. The boys cleaned the buildings, worked in the bakery and chopped wood for the boilers, while the girls prepared food and washed dishes. In those far off days, all teachers and almost all students were from foreign lands, yet only vegetarian food was served; all lived together like one big family.

In view of the author’s background, his approach to the book and his choice of revelatory narratives, this humble work should appeal to both Western and Indian readers.

The author has previously published a book titled ‘Transforming Humanity,’ also converted into a Kindle eBook. He has translated several books on various subjects from French, Spanish and Italian languages into English.

He is a retired Company Executive and ex-Company Director. He lives in New Delhi.



Revelation of Reality





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