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Revenge of the Evil Tantric and Horror Stories from India

by Rahul Banerjee

Format: Paperback

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This is a fiction book named the Revenge of the Evil Tantric and other Horror stories from India in which the author takes the reader into a journey of the supernatural. An evil tantric comes back from the dead to fulfill his evil desires. This is the story of how an adventurous nature of three friends become a deadly fight for survival, how a possessed bike becomes troublesome for the owners, mysterious statue from an excavation, to how a research scientist’s obsession to find out about the shadow beings becomes a nightmare, etc. and much more where the reader will experience from mild chills to absolute nightmares for the first time. The reader will both enjoy and be scared to read this book. The author has taken special endeavor to make this fiction work to be both enjoyable and frightening at the same time. He hopes that the readers will like and enjoy this book.

The Author is a product of Delhi University and after working in a reputed MNC for some time. He quit as he wanted to explore new options. The author also has contributed articles for his school magazine and has also written in the Social Media and blogged on various topics. This is the author’s foray into the world of fiction writing in the form of the book called Revenge of the Evil Tantric & Horror stories from India. The author has always been fascinated with the world of paranormal and this book is the result of him listening to horror stories since childhood albeit with some vivid imagination. The author would like to thank his family for giving him support and encouraging him to embark on this journey. He would like to continue if he gets the support and appreciation from his readers.



Revenge of the Evil Tantric and Horror Stories from India





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