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Rhythm of Life A Poetic Rendition of the Bhagavad Geeta

Author Name: Baroruchi Mishra | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

After reading a few chapters, a dear friend remarked, “In four hundred years of we, Indians, knowing the English Language, why had no one thought of translating the Geeta into English like this before?” I could only say, “No clue, Mate. I reckon the folks who took upon themselves to bring the Geeta to the masses were very deep in their spiritual scholarship. And so, they ended up with deep analyses and commentaries expounding upon the inner meaning of the verses. Prose is the only form in which one can provide such detailed explanations”.

Mine has been a simple attempt at transliterating the Sanskrit shlokas (verses) of the Bhagavad Geeta into rhyming verses in English. All the shlokas from the eighteen chapters of Geeta have been versified. The literal meanings of the Sanskrit words and phrases have been preserved, but of course within the limitations of the English language for such translations. AAAA rhyme scheme has been used in most of the chapters; AABB and ABAB rhyme schemes have also been used in some.

‘Geeta’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Geet’ which means ‘song’. I do hope that the rhyming verses in this book can be easily sung!!

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Baroruchi Mishra

From my days in school, I have been passionate about writing poems. I was aware though that poetry alone would not pay my bills! And so, I studied Petroleum Engineering at IIT (Indian School of Mines) and took up a career in the energy sector but kept my passion alive. I now work for Royal Dutch Shell and divide my time between India and the Netherlands, where my family lives. Long flights do help in mooning about with words and rhymes! 

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