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Author Name: Maneo Kayina | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

‘…times have not changed…’, ‘in fact it has quickened’ and ‘…there is nothing new under the Sun…’ except for the arrival of the Age of the Creature of Features. And the Orders of the First Men are about to rise as the Age of the Republics that sprung out from the Age of the Kings voyages into its final Ocean of Influence. The time has come again for kingdoms to be crafted, alliances to be forged and ancient orders to be resuscitated in the Abode of Men.  

Cast onto the minds is a convoluted doctrine that has ensnared the Promise of the Nations and the Idea of Sovereignty into a faithless discourse. A certain tongue of a Creature has been spoken and a certain measure of a Yeast has been dropped and this doctrine is canonised into a dogma. Why has this doctrine become infallible when in truth, there is another Doctrine of Hope operating in the spirit of inspiring unity, where it is remarkably possible and feasible to build a kingdom or a nation no matter how small it is.  

Right of the Birth is the journey where you will take to understand the Doctrine of Hope, which will reveal to you the Kingdom or Nation you possess in the Womb of Life. It is written so that you must not become the Man of Doubt but the Man of Faith—that you must wrestle for your destiny and become the True Heirs of all your rightful inheritances. 

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Maneo Kayina

Naga by birth, Maneo Kayina spent most of his childhood in Mumbai, India, where he did his schooling and graduation. The author believes in the vision of the Train of Destiny that takes a person or people groups to wherever they must go, provided they use the Gift of the Will when boarding it. He is critical of the pursuit of Ambitions but fully trusts in the Will of Appointment, which gives a person or groups a purpose, a destiny and a zeal— collectively giving a measure of that peace, which is beyond understanding. He favours the Eye of the Revolutionary rather than the Eye of the Conformist to look at many things. He studied MSc International Security, a political science subject, from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. He then went on to work in public policy think-tanks in New Delhi and also had brief stints with regional political parties in the North East of India. The contents produced in this book are purely his personal insights or understandings and does not reflect the views of any other individuals, institutes, political parties or Naga National Groups.