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Ripples of Your Thoughts

by Gayatri Brahme

Format: Paperback

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ls it as easy to fall in love as it seems to be from the outside? Why is it that most of us are left shattered and overwhelmed in its wake? Maybe the reasons are many, but something is certain. Love is not a milestone to be crossed or a goal to be achieved. It is a voyage which has to be undertaken, to know ourselves more, rather than what or whom we love. One of the most written about topics in literature is the human emotion, love. The multifaceted experiences of love have always stirred poets. ln spite of so much poetry written on love, we still find that people express their views on the subject because love is eternal and is a very personal feeling.

Ripples of Your Thoughts portrays the author’s personal feelings on love in a simple style that helps her to build an instant rapport with the reader who can easily slip into her journey and enter the realm of love with its myriad magic.

Gayatri Brahme has done her graduation in philosophy and her post-graduation in law from Mumbai University. She is a legal professional as well as a homemaker. She manages to find time for herself while balancing her work life and personal life.

She has always been fascinated by love and that inspired her to write a book of poetry on the same subject. This is her first attempt to divulge her feelings about love in a sequential flow, and in a simple and de-cluttered manner. She has also brought forth her views on human emotions and on how these emotions can be effectively dealt with to live a better and self-contained life. The content of this volume is delectably slim and makes the reader wish more from her.



Ripples of Your Thoughts





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