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Road to Silicon Valley & Beyond Creating Your Own Destiny

Author Name: Samuel Ezekiel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

The author shares in the book his life experiences emigrating from Bombay at the age of sixteen in 1960 with $12 in his pocket and nowhere to go. His story takes us from London, where he meets his wife, to Toronto, where he establishes himself in the computer industry, then to America and Silicon Valley in 1980. There, he starts a communications networking company and later successfully sells his company to a corporate giant. 

As an immigrant, the author shares the hardships and challenges he faced in each country. As he travels across the world, the author also references the sights and scenes in each country and gives us a unique historical and political perspective. This is a fun book to read as the author brings you up close and personal with his authentic food and travel experiences in Bombay, London, Toronto, Bangalore, Shanghai, Beijing, Montreal, and Jerusalem.

Finally, the author has drawn from his experience and documents historical facts on human rights, immigration, racism and history in India, Britain, Canada and the United States. The book provides a human perspective, discussing character and integrity, giving back to the community, facing adversity, and dealing with personal identity. The book exposes some of the global challenges ahead of us and ends with solutions with the belief that the best is yet to come.

This book has been five years in the making and can serve as a guide and an inspiration globally to all who start or are during their life journey.

Enjoy and do give me your feedback.

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Samuel Ezekiel

The author has worked in the Computer and Communications industry for major companies such as IBM, Cisco and Sperry Univac and start-ups in Silicon Valley for close-to-forty years. He has held positions as CEO, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, and Product Manager. His fields of expertise in the technology field are design and development, sales and marketing, and mergers and acquisitions. He had been educated in Britain and at Wharton School of Business, MIT, and Stanford University. 

The author has lived and worked in London, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley managing over 3000 people across three continents, remote centres of development in Israel, Taiwan and India. He has acquired technology companies and created more than 500 business partnerships and strategic alliances. During his career, he has met with heads of state, British royalty, executives of the United States Government, and CEOs worldwide.