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Rudhra-Maaya The Lord and Love

by Uma Manikam

Format: Paperback

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Adhithi is a unique personality, who views life in a different dimension. She has her own norms, which she follows religiously. She is sceptical and critical about things. Adhithi pines for love from every particle around her. She loves her land and her people.

As an adult, she is different. She takes time to accept the eternal truths. At the end, Adhithi discovers the woman inside her. She comes across different shades of love in her life and gets enlightened.

There lies a rooted reason behind her birth…

Uma Manickam is an engineering student, who is also a prolific speaker, a writer and a blogger. She has won several awards for her linguistic skills. She has authored several articles.

Uma is interested in social activities and keenly concentrates on women empowerment. She writes passionately to invite social transformation. She greatly values Indian culture and ethical elements. She quotes Vikram Seth as her inspiration.








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