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Sail through Life with Bite-Sized Therapy A journal of evidence based activities to help you thrive

Author Name: Vallari Mangeshikar, Dr. Meghana Srivatsav, Pallavi Surana | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Do you wish you had the magic formula to deal with life's ups and downs? Would you like to solve your life issues like a ninja? If so, join the tribe of four friends who help each other navigate the different shades of life through interactive, immersive and evidence-based activities.

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Vallari Mangeshikar, Dr. Meghana Srivatsav, Pallavi Surana

Vallari Mangeshikar is a freelance illustrator who believes journaling is a powerful mechanism to deal with life's stressors. Because the duo of doodling and writing has nourished her, she started The Compulsive Doodler as an outlet to explore feelings, rediscover herself and reflect upon life.

Dr. Meghana Srivatsav is a legal psychologist and mental health professional with a decade of professional experience. She is the founder of Forseti Consulting and provides legal, investigative and criminal psychology related services. As a mental health professional, she believes that every individual is unique and approaches therapy as a collaborative environment between the client and the therapist. As part of her process, she crafts personalized, therapeutic activities to aid her clients' healing.

Pallavi Surana is a product manager turned entrepreneur who used bibliotherapy to bring herself out of depression and anxiety. She spends her time creating solutions that will meaningfully support people through difficult times.