Santhara made him a Saint

by Ravindran Pottekkat


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

The hero, Padmaraj, hails from a rich planter family of Wayanad. He was a devout Jain, but later becomes an atheist. In college, he falls in love with the pretty Rupa, but it was a failure and Padmaraj ends up with estate work. He marries the lovely Poornima of Udupi. This marriage ends in divorce. He later becomes an active member of the naxalite outfit. After being expelled from the house, he goes in search of a livelihood, reaches the strife torn Sri Lanka and gets an employment there. He meets a loving Sinhala lady and marries her. The ethnic problem later develops into a full-fledged civil war. He flees to India, leaving behind his family. He tries to bring his family to India; becomes a devout Jain again and ultimately finds refuge in Santhara. What led to this tragedy? This novel is replete with the irony of fate, mystery and human tragedy. It is a thrilling story of love, faith, pilgrimage, redemption, cruelties of fate, retribution and futility of life.

About the Author

The author is from the Thrissur district of Kerala. He is a postgraduate in English literature and served as an executive in a Government of India undertaking. After retirement, he settled in Bangalore. He has published a collection of eighteen short stories, in English. Santhara made him a saint is his first novel, in English.

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