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Scandalous Disclosure

by Dipanjana Nath

Format: Paperback

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Sheela is about to fly to Chicago to study further, when a sudden bolt of lightning in her personal life throws things into disarray. The love of her life, Sunil, breaks up with her, while a close friend and ally, Andrew, is deeply in love with her.

With the help of her dear friends Dina and Frederick, Sheela braves all odds and lands up in Chicago for her higher studies, while living with her sister and brother-in-law, Pritha and Praveen. Enter the stable and durable friend, Indranil Roy, and the whirlwind man of suaveness and sophistry, Tanuj Reddy.

Love takes root, and grows from strength to strength, and life changes all of a sudden: for the good or for the worse? Scandalous Disclosure is the story of an episode in Sheela’s life, and how she braves all kinds of odds as she pursues love across the ocean, only to find it in the unlikeliest of places.

Dipanjana Nath was born in Kailashahar, in Northern Tripura. She is the younger daughter of Lt. F.C Nath, the former principal of Ramakrishna Mahavidyalaya and Smt. Nilima Chakraborty, ex-headmistress of Radhakishore Institution. After completing her Higher Secondary from K.G.G.Higher Secondary School, Dipanjana moved to Chennai, Tamil Nadu for her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Following her studies, she worked in Chennai for a few years and then decided to pursue her Master’s Degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA. Having nurtured a fascination towards literature and writing for a while, Dipanjana started writing her first novel during her free time in Chicago. Her husband, Vijayaraghavan, has always inspired her and has been a vital factor in encouraging her writing interest. Presently, she is also working on a couple of short stories.



Scandalous Disclosure





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