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Secrets of the Best Seller A Practical Handbook for a Brilliant Career in Sales


Format: Paperback

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A Result-Oriented Approach towards Learning the ABCD of Sales

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Great news for students and professionals seeking a career in sales.

Now you have in your hand a magic wand which offers a practical insight into the sensitive intricacies of a sales job. This knowledge geni provides you with all the know-how for a job in sales, starting from the selection and interview process to the requisite strategic issues involving prospecting, approaching, negotiation skills, successful sales closure etc. It is strongly anticipated that hopeful aspirants for sales jobs shall definitely benefit from the user-friendly approach, lucid language, practical examples, discussions in dialogue form, demo sales related document etc. provided in this book.

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Kallol Saha has a fairly long experience in teaching marketing and finance to under-graduate and post-graduate students for more than 12 years. Although specialized in Accounting, he has always loved exploring the latest developments in the field of Sales & Marketing. He has published papers on various contemporary marketing issues. He has co-authored two books on marketing and has guided a number of post-graduate projects on emerging areas of advertising, sales & marketing issues.

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Avik Chattopadhaya, a Post Graduate in Commerce with Professional and Research exposure, started his career in sales and has worked in different sectors including life insurance, consumer durables and beverage companies. Thereafter, realizing his passion towards the teaching profession started teaching general management and marketing to under-graduate and post-graduate students since 2007 in several reputed institutions and colleges in West Bengal. He has profound experience in guiding in-house and internship projects of Post graduate students in marketing.

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Ankita Ghosh, a post graduate in Marketing, has always taken keen interest in discovering and researching on the creative and behavioral aspects related to advertising and sales. She has been teaching marketing at the degree level for a couple of years and has also guided a number of research projects of marketing students. Her absolute patience, abundant love and a sincere desire for helping her students have always landed her up doing something new. This book is a result of her sincere effort in helping aspirants choosing a career in sales.

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(The trio, with considerable study, experience and inputs from both industry and academics, has now decided to write this book as an innovative & practical venture to provide some realistic insights to aspirants who have decided to take up a career in sales.)



Secrets of the Best Seller





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