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Seven Qualities to be Wealthy for Seven Generations

Author Name: Sukhvinder Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Just like buying a watch does not give you time, similarly, earning a lot of money does not make you wealthy. However, a watch gives you the indication of this fourth dimension called time and we can monitor time through our watch. Similarly, this book will give you the insights of actual wealth in life and you can evaluate how wealthy you are. The wisdom of this book will obliterate your confusion and will touch the reset button in your life to think with better clarity and balance into the fundamental essential subjects, which I have covered in this book.

Just like in mathematics, the counting starts from one or else it would be wrong. So I have started the subjects from its most fundamental aspect to the level required to become truly wealthy in life. I hope the readers of this book will greatly benefit from the wisdom I am sharing through this book.

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Sukhvinder Singh

Having a knack for engineering, I started my career as a trainee engineer. Later on, I developed an interest into marketing and travelled all around the globe. Meeting people of various cultures, religions, countries and being a voracious reader and listening almost 3 to 4 hours a day to all motivational, spiritual, religious, political and cultural audios, I discovered various truths about life.  

One truth which I discovered about life is that time is limited and so is our energy. However, resources in this world and within us are infinite. How to earn the best from our finite time and energy, from the infinite resources that are lying within us is the conundrum. Sometimes even after earning a lot of money and fame, we feel poor, we feel stressful, sometimes guilty of things which we did not intend to do or we were not able to do and of the emptiness within us. This book will give you clarity on how to be truly wealthy in life.  

The contents of this book have been compiled from my father’s teachings. After 25 years, I developed the maturity to understand what he taught. Having been inspired from him, I started writing this book.