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Seven Shades of Rama

by Maj Gen A K Shori

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The rich reservoir of ancient knowledge contains the wisdom which can help solve our present day problems. The seven traits of Rama are ingrained in every human being as a son, brother, husband, warrior, a bit of ruler and a rishi; the blending where of leads to perfection. The author deplores the intellectual bankruptcy which is creating a vacuum in the personal, social and political lives resulting in mediocrity projecting itself as the savior of mankind and thereby befooling generations.

Rama, the ‘Maryada Purushotama’, as an epitome of perfection provides an ideal and a reliable source of inspiration, through the life he lived, to resolve issues pertaining to inter-personal problems and make the society a place worth living. It is a bold endeavor to elevate the great epic, Ramayana, to a higher pedestal which takes it way beyond just depicting through Ramleelas, TV serials or keeping wrapped and worshipped as a matter of routine. The reader is sure to benefit from this precise and thought provoking treatise.

Maj Gen Amil Kumar Shori, 1982 batch Indian Postal Service officer, was on deputation to Indian Army for 21 years and headed the Army Postal Service Corps as Adll DG before taking over as Chief Postmaster General, Himachal Pradesh. Gen Shori has attended various training courses in India and abroad. He has already authored three books. His last book titled Seven Shades of Rama - a research work based upon Valmiki Ramayna has been well appreciated. Gen Shori is a ferocious reader, enthusiastic learner, keen sportsman and a social thinker.


Seven Shades of Rama





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