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Shadows on Steroids

by Rhea Plawat

Format: Paperback

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Shadows on Steroids is a collection of poems about anger, pain, love, loss and miracles. It brings to light the thoughts and colors experienced by a young girl as she learns to grow up. It’s a perfect mélange of rhymes and muses, veiling real life incidents under exuberant poetic sheets. A tapestry of dark shades, it’s woven in imagery and raw language, pin pricking a vivid account of life and struggles.

If you’re going through pain or heartbreak, this book awaits your touch.

Rhea Plawat began writing early in her childhood and won her first poetry competition at the age of five. Ever since then, her friendship with pens and papers has been like welded iron. Apart from writing, she likes reading, travelling and playing the piano.

She blogs and participates in several poetry forums, challenging other poets from different countries and age groups. She inclines to dark poetry and is a member of several groups that dabble in that genre. There are real people and incidents submerged under the generalizations in her craft. All her poems are marked by heavy descriptions and intense sentiments.



Shadows on Steroids





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