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Shahnaz and Other Stories

by Vaishali Ghosh

Format: Paperback

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Gul, Reshma, Shahnaz, Jasmine, and a handful more are a bunch of women fueled by shiny hope and bound by compelling narratives. Shahnaz and Other Stories maps the lives of nine women from dramatically different worlds, each challenged by extraordinary circumstances.

A young woman journeys across continents in search of the missing jigsaw piece from her past that will shape her identity. Another yearns to be reunited with her family, until one fateful day when she comes face to face with the person who abandoned her. A third has her dreams ground to the dust, betrayed by her true love.

What is the one twist of fate that will visit each of these nine women? Will they rise above their difficult destinies? Vaishali Ghosh’s riveting storytelling packs these women’s narratives with cinematic drama and emotion, guaranteed to leave a lump in your throat.

-Rajeev Masand, Film Critic

Vaishali Ghosh is a teacher, trainer, counselor, and a keen supporter of women’s issues. She is an avid reader, enthusiastic gardener, cook, and a keen pursuant of meditation. She grew up in Kolkata and then moved to the UK, and she has always found ways to be involved in issues concerning the welfare of women and children.

This is her first attempt at penning a book that tells the tales of nine women whose lives span across different generations, countries, and backgrounds. The proceeds from this book are going toward the non-profit organization SNEHA, which supports women and children facing tremendous challenges of survival in the slums of Mumbai.

Currently, Vaishali commutes between Mumbai and London, spending time with her husband, Sujoy, children, Diya and Agni, as well as her circle of friends who walk the same interconnected paths of nature, service, and happiness.



Shahnaz and Other Stories





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