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by Darshan Desale

Format: Paperback

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Manu, a common place young boy who lived a life just like you and I. He loved to learn the secrets from our ancient scriptures and books. He tried to learn more about the meaning of life and existence. Manu’s life changes one day when a character from Mahabharata appears in front of him, with an invitation to visit a secret place; an ancient lost city. The invitation is brought by this cursed and forgotten character. But what is his intention behind this invite?

Later, Manu is going to witness a divine event. All holy books surely have mentioned about those catastrophic events; the mention of Kalki avatar and of the world coming to an end. However, another interpretation of the Kalki avatar is “truth and secrets revealed”. Now the time has come for Kalki avatar to take place and to realize the ultimate truth.

Shambhala is my first book. This journey of this book actually began when I was in the eighth grade in school. Since my childhood, I was engrossed with many questions which I did not have an answer to. I also began writing articles on the same. I did not start writing a book and earlier, I had no intention to do so.

The thought of writing a book occurred to me while I was in the twelfth grade. I used to present my interpretations and do some research on various topics. Initially, I wrote a lot of short stories, but many I did not like myself. Eventually, in my second year of college I developed the concept of Shambala and its story. My friends suggested that I publish it as a book. Today, I am happy to present this book to my readers. Darshan Desale








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