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Author Name: Rasheedha Gani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This Anthology will heal your pain and gives you peace. Whomever reading this book will get a thought to meet amazing 20 writers who gave birth to emotions and made this empty papers alive by a masterpiece, engaging their words. It makes you rethink the past and future of existence. Trust is like God's fingerprint on our soul which is so unique. As like that each and every co-authors have penned  there mercifull and beautiful words to there beloved ones by words which is “Emoji” We took a days to complete this book, Give us a minutes to persuade you to read it. This Anthology is compiled by Rasheedha Gani

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Rasheedha Gani

A girl with lot's of dreams & Desires, She is Rasheedha Begam Gani. A lovely Pampered daughter of MohammedGani & RoujaBegam. She have only faith in her living God that's her parents. She have esteem so she get acclaim from everyone. She enlightened in State of Tamilnadu. Her educational background; Pursuing graduation B.A. She pen down whatever comes in her heart. She writes to change the world we living in. She didn't want to be someone that society wants her to be. She believes that her words can create miracles in others lives. She wish to be a reason for smiles of her people. Many people spend there life for finding one. She is unique to God that she found her purpose which is to write and help others to find theirs. She is likely to be called Scribbler Pappa. She believes that" If there is none to listen or understand our pain, just convert your feelings to the words, It will help to reduce the burden of your heart" She truly belief that "Everything Happen For A Reason" 

She believes in Karma. She had written 100+ Anthology's including records. She was a Project Coordinator, TPS Challenge Head, Project Head, Compiler And Co. Writer too. She have won 200+ Certificates.She trying to make her space in the world of writers with her beautiful peace of lines in her writing.She have a talent like to write a single poem with 100 lines. She's night lover and works on being a good human rather than great one. She trust that she sounds up what others feel. Her viewpoint to see the world have always been come up as a hog heaven were everything is just perfect and fulfilled. She is Rashi is at utmost peace when she pens her emotions. She believes that the power of her words, Will heal the wounds of many readers. 
She is a Princess of king. She is a delighted lassie. A girl a positive attitude. Her aim is to become a writer and lecture. She is the one who try to put her thoughts in words of her imaginary world with unique viewpoint. She is a creator by habit. She has done lots of anthologies along with a world record anthology. She is also compiling her own anthologies named "Ink Pen Square","My Best Scribbles","Je L'appelais Pappa"and "Taste Of Black Coffee", “ Let it be “, “ Who am i? “, “ Emoji”, “ Prakshi”, “She”, “Crown holder”, “Inaayat”, “Ciel”,”Calla”, “Leal”, “Vetta”,”Once upon a time”, “Beautiful”, “Today is my day”, “Read Me”, “Daddy”.