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Shifting Identities:The Conscious and Unconscious in Black Self-Concept

by Valsala Menon

Format: Hardbound

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About the Book

In the wake of the recent struggles of all marginalized communities against the dominant powers , a study of the Black- American Novelists Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison who formed the vital links that break away all negative stereotypes and establish the Black Self Concept as the triumph of exploited people everywhere is very relevant. The discussions in this book are based on Jungian psychology that a man’s unconscious urges him to a realization of his full potential as an individual and social being. Besides the psycho-social, political and economic factors the Black Self Concept is deeply rooted in the combined oral and literary traditions of the Afro-Americans. The term ‘Black’ is written in capital letter to suggest the race and not the black colour. It is hoped that scholars of Afro-American Literature and psychology will find this book useful.



Shifting Identities:The Conscious and Unconscious in Black Self-Concept





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