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Shine InWords

Author Name: Mukta Rastogi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Words Create Our World.

Look closely, you will find the word ‘word’ embedded in the word ‘world.’ 

It’s these hidden keywords that unlock the secrets that create a shift in our reality. This change is literally in our hands and minds. Sometimes, it just takes one word to change our world. This book has more than fifty of them. They are all familiar words but are being seen from a new perspective. Each word has a hidden word within it, which explains the parent word with a new meaning. Let’s color our vocabulary with the mosaic of these words, and discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This book is peppered with anecdotes, stories, poems, activities, and nuggets of information to make your learning journey full of fun and joy.

Welcome to an

Out of the box



Add the ‘L’ of love,

And open the pages of this book,

To open up to a new world!

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Mukta Rastogi

She understands people. 

Mukta Rastogi, a psychology graduate based in Mumbai, was enthusiastically pushed by her hubby to do a course in alternative healing to add value to her degree. Overcoming her initial resistance, she  found her calling and recognized her path and purpose in this field. She went on to do all the advanced levels and courses available in India and reached across the seas to get certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, the ultimate “guru” of past life regression. 

A people’s person by nature, she went to become a ‘much-in-demand’ holistic healer. Her career graph branches out from creating workshops, and doing corporate seminars across India to creating destination workshops at spiritual places like Egypt. She has printed many booklets on different topics for her signature workshops. Now, she is collecting her decade-old client experiences and knowledge, and printing the matter into her maiden book.

Her qualification:

Certified Hypnotherapist (trained from CHII)
Access Bars Practitioner (trained by Gary Douglas and Ashish Narayankar)
Certified Past life regression therapist (trained by Dr. Brian Weiss)
Metaphor Therapist (trained with Kirti Bakshi)
Angel Card Reader and Facilitator
Chakra and Aura Healer and Facilitator

Apart from the love of healing, she enjoys meeting people, spending time with family and friends, music and dance, painting, and traveling. Being creative in all areas is her passion. She feels abundant and blessed to have a caring husband and handsome twin boys who constantly support her in all her ventures.

She lives by her belief - “We all have wings, we just have to discover them and FLY.”

Through this book, she hopes to inspire her readers to achieve the same.